Autoharp Arrangements of Christmas Songs

The tunes are arranged with the rhythm chord above the staff, the chord button to obtain the melody note directly below the staff, then the lyric line, then a line with the beat durations of the melody shown in numbers. If a number is in parentheses, that means the melody note holds over for the count. A good way to learn the melody is by disregarding the lyric and singing, to yourself or out loud, the number of the beat, whispering those in parentheses.

Keep it steady and even, and go as slowly as it takes to do so. The songs that are not notated thus will be updated as soon as I can get to it. If you install the free MuseScore program to your particular computer, you'll be able to transpose into different keys, etc. However, the melody chords will not change, since they are entered as a lyric line.

Click song title for interactive pages at some have autoharp videos, some just midi melody. You may have to wait a little while for the MuseScore page to load.

For those who DONATE, this collection is now available as a PDF, from which individual pages can be printed. At present, this button is not hooked up to an automatic download, so it may take a day or two from the time that I get notice that you have ordered until I can email you the current version of the file. It is 50-60 pages long

Of course, any additional contributions will go towards furthering the autoharp cause.


*Due to copyright, some of these arrangements are shown in block diagram tablature. Simple explanation in pdf file HERE. Plans are to have all these songs available in this format, because, once you have the melody in your head, many find it an easier way to conceptualize and memorize the sequence of chords and the picking pattern to fit the melody with the rhythm. It is an autoharp shorthand that I invented.

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